Accordion Musical Instrument Of Adult Wooden Structure 96 Bass Accordion 37 Keys

Accordion Musical Instrument Of Adult Wooden Structure 96 Bass Accordion 37 Keys
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   Bawu flute, a kind of reed pipe musical instrument, is popular in Yunnan province, China. Bawu is made by bamboo tubes, there are 8 fingering holes at all (7 holes in positive, 1 hole in back), a tongue shaped copper reed is put at mouthpiece place, blowing transversely the upper when playing, the reeds is shock and make a sound.

  The volume of Bawu is small, but the tone is soft and graceful, people call it the “Talking Musical Instruments”. It is often used for solo or accompany for dance and rap. The sound of Bawu is very sweet, like a pair of loving couple conversing with the loving feeling.

  Although Bawu’s narrow vocal range and small volume, but it is of unique national style, when playing, such as hatred, such as desire, such as tears, such as adoring, loved by people.

  Because of different bamboo tube’s length and thickness, Bawu can be divided into soprano, alto, and bass Bawu. Soprano and alto Bawu, 30cm to 50cm in length, inner diameter 0.8 cm to 1.4 cm, bass Bawu 60cm to 80cm in length ,inner diameter 1.6 cm to 2 cm.

  (1) The copper in two-section flutes should be often to wipe, use lube to keep it smooth. When you rotate the plug, please remember to put your hands near the sides of the copper; don’t hold in the two ends, which will make the flutes break easily.

  (2) The change of air temperature and humidity is the factor that causes the cracking of the flutes, so some customers will find the break of flutes after long time’s lying idle. Please note that the usual maintenance is very very needed (More details online).


Product Description:
Material: Black Wood Plate Copper
Key Options: F  G key(leave a message when you order, if not, we will send out at random. Thank you!)
Holes: 8 holes
Tips: G/F Key is suitable for beginners.
​Package: 1*Bawu; 1*Case; 1*Chinese knot.
  Our products will be checked tone by professional musician above 4 times before sending out, we will not send the unqualified products to buyers, please feel free to buy, you can get what you pay for!