New mechanical arm arm 6 freedom manipulator abb industrial robot model six axis robot 2

New mechanical arm arm 6 freedom manipulator abb industrial robot model six axis robot 2
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Oписание продукта

 Six degree of freedom manipulator (waist, big arm, small arm, small arm to rotate the wrist, wrist rotation), full metal mechanical arm, and the bottom of the joint quality of all steel bearing fixed. Structure, attractive and durable arm roughly the size such as marked in the picture.
-The product is designed from palletizing robot, the principle of the same structure, range of motion is greater than the other arm.
-The frame of material selection of machining hard and thick Aluminum Alloy, do not take other stores of material ratio, different thickness of the material.
-Full arm with 4 MG996R metal gear steering gear, and 2 MG90S metal gear steering gear, to ensure a more lasting power.
-All joints using high quality bearing links, better performance.
-The machine arm with the main control board fixed base, with the arm movement, even more beautiful and convenient.
-The design of the baby size and precision, especially suitable for teaching and experiment.
-The arm base adopts the high quality of all steel bearing fixed base fixed machine arm movements are no longer shaking, better bearing performance.
-The product standard clamp with fixed disk, the user can according to the characteristics of raw materials to DIY sucker, electromagnet, fork, gripper, clamping device etc.
Technology Guide:
  Mechanical arm\'s length is not doing the longer, the better. The longer, the load of the steering gear is also, a direct impact on steering gear life and load over the General Assembly the servo circuit burned, the steering gear is damaged. Mechanical properties of the arm of a qualitative has direct influence, more long robotic arm strength is small, load is small. The mechanical arm to compute the optimal size according to the load of general metal steering gear and steering circuit load play to the steering gear for the best performance.
 Packing List:
- 1 x 698R Mechanical Arm 
- 4 x MG966R Servo
- 2 x MG90S Servo

Note: Our product itself comes in parts and will need assembly
  Motion range map
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