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Oписание продукта

1. Application: dental IPR for orthodontic treatment.

2. Size: 15HD,25HD,40HD,60HD,90HD.

    90 mircon (90HD)- for use as asaw for opening contacts

    60 mircon (60 HD)- for reduction

    40 mircon (40 HD)- for contouring

    25 mircon (25 HD)- for finishing

    15 mircon (15 HD)- for polishing

3. Be made of high quality 304 steel.

4. Packing list:  5pcs Automatic strips (15HD+25HD+40HD+60HD+90HD) + 2 pc Polishing & Finishing Strip + 1 pc Manual Handle


Instructions for use:

Pay attention to the appearance of reduced production, whether there is significant deformation or foreign body attached

Must be sterilized at high temperature pressure sterilization (132 degrees Celsius high temperature disinfection)

Correct the piece of sand, into low-speed hand piece / manual handle

Sliced sand bar placed between the teeth gently cut polished

Use the process of corrosion, fracture or fall to the ground, it is necessary to replace the sand bar.

Sand residue in the blood and foreign body to remove the clean, dry place on the dry.


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