16 way digital output DO module RS485 Modbus data acquisition communication board PLC extension IO

16 way digital output DO module RS485 Modbus data acquisition communication board PLC extension IO
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The module user can customize the serial port interface, the default is RS232, and can be defined as RS485
12V power supply, support RS232/RS485 serial communication, 8 way AI collection, 9 kinds of automatic protection measures, the use is very safe and convenient. It has a complete set of computer software, including more than ten kinds of functions, such as waveform display, storage, analysis and so on. The operation is simple and intuitive.
L 15 heavy security, free drive design, the card itself is difficult.
L perfect computer program to solve the problem of not programming, after 3 minutes of installation, you will use the acquisition card and software.
L application cases and software will be updated regularly to provide long-term security for more and better use.
Performance introduction
performance index
1. analog signal input
1) analog input: 8 single end DC voltage / current input (AC acquisition half wave)
2) range: default 0-10V (customizable 0-20MA/0-5V Metric)
3) input impedance: 1M omega (10V range)
4) resolution: 24Bit
5) chip sampling rate: 100kHz
2. communication mode
RS232/RS485 serial communication
1. practical: 8 road 0~10V AI input, can easily connect hundreds of sensors; RS232/RS485 serial communication, more suitable for industrial site.
2. stability: the module takes multiple protection measures, the use is very safe and reliable, and the stability is more than 10 times that of the ordinary module.
L over current protection: current over 500mA, automatically cut off the power, protect the computer and acquisition card, to avoid the appearance of blue screen, dead situation;
L overvoltage protection: 5 protection measures are adopted: high-precision voltage divider, voltage clamp control, operational amplifier signal isolation, steady voltage control and over current absorption. The protection module is safe and reliable, and 10V range AI channel withstand voltage -30V-60V.
L overload protection: the load current is too large, the system will automatically alarm and cut off the power when necessary.
L interface protection: a square solid interface, as well as a power anti - back connection technology, can effectively prevent power back - connection;
L automatic reconnect: automatic Reset function, power off or pull out reconnect, software and hardware automatically reconnect, software does not collapse, ensure the data collection stability;
L module anti-interference: the use of Sinwe Plasticote 70 series of transparent insulation protection materials, high temperature resistant products, heat will not drop. The protection film can be generated on the circuit board to prevent the influence of external electromagnetic interference on the work of the chip and circuit. By EMC, it can work normally under the strong electromagnetic interference of 15V/m.
L insulation protection: industrial circuit board has insulation layer, can prevent accidental leakage and short circuit, finger grip safety and convenience;
L corrosion resistance: transparent acrylic protective film can prevent the erosion of weak acid, alkali, salt fog, alcohol and tidal gas. Prevent corrosion, prolong the life of equipment, and protect the effect for a long time.
L communication protection: the use of shielding cable and magnetic ring to suppress surge technology, effectively against radiation or conductive interference caused by the board work instability.
L DMA protection: the system adopts ARM chip high cost as the main control chip, stable and reliable quality, lower computer program is very intelligent, can play well role in suppressing interference, high speed sampling, intelligent control, data combinations, the batch of PID data transmission and data correction method to ensure stability checking, data upload.
L multi-mode PC LabVIEW program: constantly updated PC program, there are many versions for your choice of different applications, convenient and reliable, and convenient for users to develop two times.