FREE SHIPPING JSY MK 609 Temperature and humidity data acquisition module and RS485 communication of NC

FREE SHIPPING JSY MK 609 Temperature and humidity data acquisition module and RS485 communication of NC
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Oписание продукта

1, overview
8AD USB is a simple, practical and stable Mini signal acquisition card. It relies on the computer USB power supply, without external power supply, there are 8 AD acquisition, 1 DI acquisition, 1 DO control, 5V power output. Interface is numerous, the use of flexible, can be directly used in conjunction with hundreds of sensors. After the three generation of the acquisition card, a variety of automatic protection measures, the use is very safe and convenient.
The data acquisition card is no need to drive and data transmission rate in 1K, stable in Win2000/XP/WIN7 system, supporting the computer software, including waveform display, storage and analysis of more than ten kinds of function. The operation is simple and intuitive.
2, product description
Adio USB data acquisition card for independent research and development of products, mainly for researchers, product developers, university teachers, students in Colleges and universities and technology enthusiasts. YAV after ten years of experience in system development, three years of thinking, a year to build, hundreds of seminars, three times the hardware update, ten software upgrade. Create the simplest, most practical, the most stable pocket type collection card.
U: simple free drive, no need to drive to run; without a serial to match the baud rate, simple and convenient.
U practical: comes with a power supply of 5V, eliminating the need for connecting power supply module trouble; analog and digital input and output, readily available, can be directly connected to one hundred kinds of hardware, six operation modes let you choose; acquisition serial speed up to 100 times, and the software is adjustable, let you speed safe, convenient display, storage and analysis.
U stable: multiple protective measures, to ensure the safety; square solid interface, anti reverse connection; anti-interference, reset function, power down automatic reconnection and software does not collapse, ensure the stability.
U super small size: 2.54mm pin 2*5 pin spacing
2.1 performance index
2.1.1USB bus performance
USB2.0 high speed bus transmission
U easy to use, can realize automatic configuration, hot swappable devices plug and play
2.1.2 analog signal input
U analog input channels: 8 single input
U input signal range: 0-10V
U analog input impedance: 1M
Resolution: 12Bit (4096).
U sampling rate: 100KHz
U transfer rate: 1Kbps
2.1.3 digital signal input / output
U input / output channels: 1
U input / output mode: all input / output
U input level: compatible with TTL or CMOS
U output level: TTL
2.1.4 working temperature
-20 C and 40 C
2.2 functional characteristics
With the development of the times and the development of 2.2.1, the development of bus technology has greatly improved the transmission rate, but there are still many defects. For a serial device, the user must install the corresponding drive, when the product upgrade or replacement products, users need to install again the corresponding driving or upgrade the operating system to normal use, which give the user brought great inconvenience. DAIO USB acquisition card to achieve automatic configuration of the protocol software, compatible with multiple operating systems, without the need to install the driver, without user settings, plug and play, convenient and quick.
Usually when the serial communication, communication both sides must keep the baud rate consistent, so as to the success of communication. Install serial equipment, factory are generally the baud rate is set to 9600 and computer serial port and the default baud rate values are the same. But many with serial connection of industrial equipment, measuring instrument, because of its emphasis on stability and do not require transmission rate, serial port baud rate and the default settings are no longer is 9600. At this time, the user needs to manually matching baud rate, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the user. USB DAIO acquisition card with USB communication protocol, without matching baud rate, greatly improving the work efficiency, more important is fully automated and does not need manual intervention.
8DA 2.2.2USB acquisition card comes with the 5V and 3.3V power supply, the power module is removed from the trouble. Products with 8-channel 12 bit 0--10V analog input and 2 digital inputs and outputs, the six working mode optional, direct hardware, infrared, laser, temperature, pressure, flow rate, gas and other sensors connected properly are all used, direct extension of human senses, stay in the computer and interactive reality. 100 times the acquisition speed can reach the serial port, and the software lets you speed adjustable, safe, convenient display, storage and analysis.
2.2.3 acquisition card with over current, over voltage, over heat, multiple overload protection, safe and reliable; square solid USB interface, anti reverse connection firmer; in addition anti-jamming, reset function, power down automatic reconnection and software does not collapse, in order to ensure the stability of products.