Ultra light CNC 64g Folding Bike Road Bike Small Wheel V Brake Lever CNC Hollow Ultra light Brake Lever

Ultra light CNC 64g Folding Bike Road Bike Small Wheel V Brake Lever CNC Hollow Ultra light Brake Lever
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Oписание продукта



36V 1200W/48V 1500W Fat Tire eBike Kit

20" 24" 26\'\' Front or Rear Wheel Coversion Kits





Very Important Attention:

1. Wheel Size Options:   20", 24", 26"   

2. Wheel Options: Front Wheel or Rear Wheel with 7-speed freewheel 

3. If your bike is always overloaded or climbing hills/slope continuously, you must set LCD\'s C5 value to 8 to avoid overheat damage to the controller.

4. Please let us know your want \'front or rear wheel and wheel size"

5) The battery is NOT include in this kit.

6) The tire is NOT include

7) The rim width is 100mm.Without holes





Parts Including in this kit:

Threaded Motorized Wheel
Controller + Controller Bag
2 Brake Levers

Twist Speed Throttle with Electric Key Lock 2ea. Handlebar Grips

5-level PAS Control LCD Display
Pedelec Sensor
Battery Connecting Cable




Motor Performances: 

1) High Motor Efficiency: >85%
2) Speed: 0-60km (different wheel size, road&weather condition and rider\'s weight will have different speed)
3) Hub Width (dropout):   135mm front or 175mm rear threaded hub motor  
4) Rear Wheel with 7-speed freewheel
5) Strong Double-wall rim and tire special for e-bike

Max Motor Power:

36V 1200W Speed: 0-55km

48V 1500W Speed: 0-60km




Controller Performance:

1) 18 MOSFET
2) 36V or 48V universal
3) Max Current: 45A
5) Compatible with LCD Display or without Display (need to plug connector)
LCD Performance:
1) 24V, 36V or 48V universal
2) Function: 5-speed level PAS, turn on/off PAS, speed display, speed limit, Cruise, 5-speed level throttle, max current setting, optional Regenerative braking function
3) Size: 96x65x20mm



customs duty


Item hasone yearguarantee. Customer\'s wrong operation is not include in this warranty. 
Import duty/tax is not include in item price.
Returning an item couldn\'t be easier. If you need to send item back, you have 14 days from the date you received your order to exchange or return. Sale item is not returnable. 
Please make sure your item is returned new and unused unless the item is faulty. Returns that do not meet our policy will not be accepted and will be sent back to the customer. Please contact us before returning item.
feedback model




New Controller Diagram


ebike conversion kits CE Certificate EMC


Installation Guidance:

1) Uncrew the existing front or rear wheel screws, remove wheel;

2) Install the motorzied wheel and fasten screws;

3) Attach LCD, Brake lever and throttle;

4) Put Controller at suitable position and connect all wires.

5) Turn on battery, throttle key and LCD, set correct value from LCD

Correct wheel size setting: according to your wheel size

Correct max speed setting: set it at max value 72

Correct P1-P5 setting: P1=46,P2=0,P3=0,P4=0,P5=12





1) Does your front or rear wheel support disc brake?

Yes, our motor wheel support standard 6-hole type disc brake



2) Why can\'t turn on power

Please kindly check whether battery poles connect with controller is correct;

Please kindly check whether all connection correct and tight

Please kindly check whether you connect electric lock plug and turn on throttle key

Please kindly check whether you turn on LCD Display



3) Why after I turn on power and turn throttle, motor doesn\'t work

Please kindly check whether all power already turned on

Please kindly check whether throttle connection is correct (Throttle is red/black/blue wires)

Please kindly check PAS speed level on LCD, whether it is not 0 (0 will turn off PAS and throttle)




4) Why my speed display is not correct

Pleasekindly check whether you have correct setting:

Correct wheel size setting: according to your wheel size

Correct max speed setting: set it at max value 72

Correct P1-P5 setting: P1=46,P2=0,P3=0,P4=0,P5=12




5) How can I disable cruise function

Please turn on power

Please remove cruise plug (small black plug of Black/Blue wires)

Turn off power

Turn on power again



6) Why after turn on, LCD show "03 Info"


This is because of hall sensor abnormal, and most time is because hall sensor connection doesn\'t contact well, please kindly check the 5-wire hall sensor connector and also inside whether any pin bent doesn\'t contact well.





7) What is the difference between front wheel and rear wheel?

Front wheel is easier to install and can keep your original speed gear of the rear wheel, it is suitable for flat road riding. Rear wheel is better for hilly road and hill climbing, and it has 7-speed gear.
8) What is the difference between standard braking and regenerative braking kit?
Regenerative braking kit can save power, the battery can drive more distance, but the top speed will be also lower than standard braking kit, so if you prefer high speed, we recommend you to buy standard braking kit.
9) Is there any maintenance required?
No, never with brushless gearless motors because there is only one moving part in the entire system, the wheel!
10) Is Pedelec Sensor included?
Yes, and you can install it or not as you will. You can also turn off it with PAS level 0
11) How to Choose Battery?
We recommend big power motor to choose big capacity battery, for example: For 200W,250W and 350W motor kits, we recommend to use 10AH or 12AH Batteries, for 500W and 750W motor kits, we recommend to use 15AH,20AH Batteries. For 1000W motor kits, we recommend to use 20AH or above Batteries. 
12) How to calculate torque?
Torque (in N*m) = 9.55 * Power (in watts) / Speed (in rpm)
1N*m = 141.61 oz*in = 8.85 lb*in = 10,200.0 g*cm, 1.0 hp = 745.7 watts
1.0 in = 2.54 cm, 1.0 kg = 2.205 lb = 35.27 oz, 1.0 mile = 1.61 Km, Tc=(Tf-32)*5/9.