Liitokala 36V 12Ah 18650 Lithium Battery pack High Power 12000mAh Motorcycle Electric Car Bicycle Scooter with BMS+ 2A Charger

Liitokala 36V 12Ah 18650 Lithium Battery pack High Power 12000mAh Motorcycle Electric Car Bicycle Scooter with BMS+ 2A Charger
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Oписание продукта

Technical specificaties: 6 in lijn 25.2 22.2 In nominale vergoeding
Covering Nominale: 24 V
Ingangsspanning: 25.2 in
Output voltage: 16.5-25.2 V
Batterij Capaciteit: 12Ah
It\'s capaciteit van de batterij: 2000 mAh 10C afvoercapaciteit
Diameter grootte: 111 * 111 * 80 mm (6 * 6)
Beste gasten, Als u wandere maten, indien contact met de eigenaar van de eigenaar hall u voorzien van herp gedetailleerde uitleg!
Totaal weight: ≤1800 grams (series 3 en 6)
Binnen een beschermende chains: belast, more ontslag, over-stroom, bescherming tegen kortsluiting
Verpakking: blau PVC
[Opladen van de batterij Requirements]
1: vereist een speciale lithium battery oplader; DC;
2: het opladen van covers: 25.2 in
3: laadstroom: ≤ 4a
[Low Battery vereisten]
1: Van de 18 lijnen, lengte 150 mm, ore en zwart elkaar
2: voer de lijn afvoer leidt baby herpe lengte van 2,1 150 mm
3: Nominale ontlaadstroom: ≤ 10a
4: Maximum directe stroom: 40A
5: Maximale stroom: 13a
6: Het of the product ingebouwde oplaadbare batterij slechts twee uitgangslijnen, zijn er andere eisen, zoals de entrance en exit cane de eigenaar, boven de standaard verzendopties
Lithium battery maintenance and warnings
1. there is no need to make sure that every time the recharge is fully discharged;
2. period of time (offer within two months to do a deep circuit charge control under the battery to correct, but this does not increase the actual battery capacity.
3. Long-term without battery, should be placed in a cool place to weaken its own internal passive reaction speed.
4. protection circuit is also able to control the batteries self-discharge, long-term without battery, must be filled with a certain amount of energy accumulated in the battery to prevent self-discharge excessive lead to excessive discharge.
5. Do not disassemble modifications, not as a result of a gravity / compression collision.
6. prohibit the use of more water in places with high humidity.
7. prohibit the use of high temperatures.
Knowledge about the safe use of lithium batteries
Before putting lithium as a source of nutrition, there are many things that deserve our understanding. There is nothing more important than security, no matter what type of battery that we need to look at them thoroughly, because when they are full of energy when fully charged.
Lithium has the highest energy density, but they also have many unique features that we need to do more for our special safety considerations, before we begin to explore other aspects of lithium to understand these security issues is very important.
Generally speaking, if you can understand correctly calculate lithium battery charger lithium composition Mobile Number (refers to a large portion of lithium from the lithium-several small single component), you can adapt the lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion) and aggregation material lithium battery ( Li-Poly) charging needs. Remember that do not come to the lithium battery charger to recharge the rechargeable nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) and nickel-metal hydride (ni-mh)! This is a very dangerous thing !!! Rechargeable lithium batteries use lithium is part of the most dangerous, if necessary for lithium rechargeable lithium battery emergency attention to the case, the correct charging voltage is very important! If the device is used improperly, can cause the lithium battery to recharge and explode! Some recent news from the fires caused by lithium batteries, so please take a responsible attitude to the lithium battery operation.
Here are a few recommendations in the lithium battery charging and use:
1, using a proven lithium dedicated charger can be used safely.
2. make sure you correctly set the voltage settings or the number of pieces of lithium battery charger dedicated above, if you do not know how to install, please buy one that you know how to install a lithium battery charger, or just do not use a lithium battery Battery to avoid an explosion while charging.
3, in the lithium charge-someone must be present, not in the presence of lithium before fully charging, someone for this reason the house with the car to burn, remember to remember.
4. When charging, please prepare the appropriate platform to make the device and lithium, so that when lithium due to an accident or explosion does not cause serious damage and a fire hazard. Reserve a place for fire protection, fire fighting.
5, please do not charge more than the power of the battery current, otherwise explosion and fire may occur.
6, if the tumor phenomenon occurs when lithium is charged, when it does not break it into heat. Lithium in brine, after cooling, carefully peel off the skin then install the battery in the brine before it can be safely put in lithium litter.
7, when the lithium is dealt a serious shock, perhaps the battery does not seem to be damaged, but still have to be careful to put the lithium batteries in a safe place for at least 20 minutes or more to make sure that there is no lithium damage really Explosion hazard. In the aircraft industry model, there are several examples of fires in the aircraft occurred after the fall of lithium-powered cars, the owner of the aircraft body thrown into the car and then the explosion, apparently without damage to the interior were damaged but the actual occurrence of lithium in the car all light cars burn .
8, please charge the lithium in an open, ventilated place, because if this happens to burst with an explosion of a lithium battery, the smoke and risk of harmful substances will flow out of the battery.