SZ5090B ZIGBEE wireless data acquisition module

SZ5090B ZIGBEE wireless data acquisition module
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Oписание продукта


Product application

This card is a kind of data acquisition card based on PCI bus, any PCI can be directly inserted in the IBM-PC/AT or compatible with the computer inside the plug

Groove, constitute a laboratory, product quality testing center and other fields of data acquisition, waveform analysis and processing system. Also can form industrial production process.

Process monitoring system. The main application of it to:

The electronic product quality inspection

The signal acquisition

The process control

The servo control


D analog input function

The converter type: AD7663

Input range (InputRange): + 10V, + 5V, + 2.5V, 0 ~ 10V, 0 ~ 5V

The conversion accuracy: 16 (Bit)

The sampling rate (Frequency):1Hz ~ 250KHz

Note: each channel of the actual sampling rate = sampling rate /sampling channel number

The analog input channel number: 32 single ended, 16 Lu Shuangduan

The sampling number of channels: the software can choose, by setting the first channel (FirstChannel) and the end (LastChannel)to realize the channel

Description: sampling channel number = LastChannel -FirstChannel + 1

The channel switching mode: at the end of the first channelsequence switch

The data read: non empty and half full query mode, DMA mode

The memory depth: the word 8K (point) FIFO memory

The memory marks: full, non empty, Ban Man

The asynchronous and synchronous (ADMode): can realize continuous (asynchronous) and group (pseudo synchronous)acquisition

The group interval (GroupInterval): the software can be set, the minimum for the sampling period (1/Frequency), maximum 419430us

The group of cycles (LoopsOfGroup): the software can be set, the minimum is 1, maximum 255 times

The clock source option (ClockSource): Inouchi clock and clocksoftware selectable board

The plate in the current clock output frequency: AD practical sampling frequency

The trigger mode (TriggerMode): trigger software internal triggerand hardware (referred to as the external trigger)

The trigger type (TriggerType): digital edge trigger and pulsetriggering level

The trigger direction (TriggerDir): negative, positive, positive and negative trigger

The trigger source (TriggerSource): ATR (analog trigger signal)and DTR (digital trigger signal)

The trigger source: ATR input range is lower than the low level trigger (AO0), higher than the high level trigger (AO1) (AO1>AO0)

The trigger source for the DTR input range: Standard TTL level

The AD conversion time: <10us

The programmable amplifier type: AD8251 (compatible with AD8250)

The programmable gain: 1, 2, 4, 8 times (AD8251) or 1, 2, 5, 10 times (AD8250)

The analog input impedance: 1G

The amplifier setup time: 785nS (0.001%) (max)

The nonlinear error: + 3LSB (max)

The system measuring accuracy: 0.01%


DA analog output function

The converter type: DAC7613

The output range: + 10V, + 5V, 0 ~ 10V, 0 ~ 5V

The conversion accuracy: 12 (Bit)

The setting time: 10 S (0.01% accuracy)

The channel number: 4

The nonlinear error: + 1LSB (max)

The output error (Man Liangcheng): + 1LSB


DI digital quantity input function

The channel number: 8

The electrical standards: TTL compatible

The lowest voltage - high level: 2V

The highest voltage - low level: 0.8V


The DO digital output function

The channel number: 8

The electrical standards: TTL compatible

The lowest voltage - high level: 3.8V

The highest voltage - low level: 0.44V

The power output: low level


CNT timer / counter function

The maximum time base for 16 bit counter / timer 20 MHz

The functional model (FunctionMode): the counter (includingsimple counting and buffer count) and pulse generator

The clock source (CLK): the local clock (620Hz ~ 20MHz) and the external clock (the highest frequency of 20MHz)

The gating (GATE): the rising and falling edge, high level and low level

The counter output (OUT): high level, low level

The pulse generator output (OUT): pulse waveform and duty ratioset